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The mode where you create and nurture your very own team just got even better! New features come to myClub!

To celebrate the start of PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019 myClub, there'll be a login campaign that awards users with a daily GP bonus!


Featured Players' are those who played exceptionally well in matches that occurred over the weekend. New Featured Players are available each week and sport an exclusive portrait design.

As a reflection of their standout performance during the weekend's matches, many of their stats are set higher than usual. They may even come equipped with additional skills that will allow adept users to take full advantage of their technical flair.


For the start of this season's myClub, we selected the players and club teams that are expected to shine in the new 2018/19 season.

The Special Agent Players to Watch 18/19 can sign SILVER ball or higher players who we've highlighted as most likely to perform well this season.