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How to save game account in PES 2018 on mobile


Hi everyone,

You have to save your team, to protect your team, or play games on other mobiles

For saving your team, at first go to the “extras” tab and get in the “support” section

Go to the “link data” section

Click “OK”

Click on the “link data using KONAMI ID”

Click on the “register email address and password as new user”

Enter the requested information, confirm the “terms of use and privacy policy”, then click on the “send code” button

Note: Your password should be between 8 and 32 characters and it should be composed of letters and numbers

The 6-digit code is sent to the email, enter it, and then click on the “next” button

After you have finished all steps, you will see the below message showing that you saved your team in “KONAMI ID” successfully

You can also understand this from the green sign

The End