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Mobile PES 2018 first instruction


Hi everyone,

This is the basic instruction for the "pes2018" game for the mobile platform

After installing the game, you need to use a proxy in order to be able to login

In the first step, select the language and you must select the game language, at last click "Next"

In this section, you should choose your country

Unfortunately here, the name of Iran is not on the list, with selecting "other countries and regions" or "united states of America" and then the "next" button

In this section, there is a connection between the data and the game file

And then you enter to the login page

Click on the screen that you encounter with the following message, if you encounter click ok (this message says you did not login to the Google Play). Later, we will train you to save the game and keep playing the game

And then you will encounter the following message

Click on the "overwrite" button

In this section, you must accept the rules of the game, click "I agree", and then "accept"

In this section, select the gamepad, select "A", and then press the "select" button to confirm it

And then with a message, you start learning how to play with gamepad, click "Next", you will be taught how to work with the buttons. If you do not want to see the tutorial (it is not recommended), click "skip" and on the new page click "skip" again

After 4 steps of training, you play a friendly game, otherwise without a friendly game, you go to the next part

In this section, you must select your team that you can see the league name in the below

English League – English 2nd Division – Ligue 1 – Ligue 2 – Italian League – Italian 2nd Division – Eredivisie – Spanish League – Spanish 2nd Division – Portugal League – PEU League – Other European Teams – Brazilian League – Argentine League – Chilean League – PLA League – Other Latin American Teams – AFC Champions League – PAS League

By choosing each league and each club, a weak team will be given to you

After you have chosen your club, you must write your name on the "owner name" field

And then it asks you to complete your personal information for personalization

In this section, a number of coach will be offered to you. Each coach has a specific arrangement and players will play with the same arrange, so be careful when choosing a coach to be matched your playing method. (later, You can buy a new coach, so don’t worry)

Select a coach and click on the "sign" and again click on the "sign" to confirm, and then the names and strengths of your players can be seen

Click on the "Next"

You will receive daily awards in this section

In this section, we will download the game reporter

If you want to download the game reporter, click on the "Go" and then select the language of the game's reporter from "Commentary Language", if you could not download for any reason and you want to do it in the future, click on the "later"

In this section, Randomly, get your player

So go to the "contract" tab, the "agent" part, the "regular" section, and get your player

Here you can choose a player of any post you like, randomly it is given you a player

After choosing, select one of two free items and then click on the "obtain", then you will encounter this picture, click on the screen to identify your golden chance

After the player has been shown to you, click on the "back" to go to the first game page. You will encounter the below picture, it asks you to put the player in the team. So go to the "club house" tab and go to the "squad management" part

As shown below, it asks you to combine the players in such a way that you will improve the team spirit. For this, it is better to be put the player given as a gift into the team arrangement, if it does not increase, replace the stronger players. And if the team spirit does not improve again, change the player given the gift with the player, then change it again

Now it's a friendly match between your team and another team. To do this, go to the "match" tab and go to the "campaign" section

When you finish the game, go back to the first game page, you were given award or awards, one of which was the player, so go to the "contract" tab, go to the "scout" section, click on the gift item, and get your player again randomly

After getting the player go to the "club house" tab and go to the "my team" section

 In this section, you must convert one of your players. So click on the "players"

And then select one of the not pinned players

Click on the "convert into a trainer" button

You will encounter this picture

Now, you have to practice a player

So, click on the "back", in the same section of the "training" part, choose a player to practice

And now you have to choose the player you convert a player

Click on the "proceed" button, and click "Continue" to confirm

You see the progress of your player

And now you go to the first page, in the last part, it wants you to go to the "contract" tab, go to the "auction" section, and go to the "auction list" part. You don’t need to do anything special. We recommend that you do not use this section at the beginning of the game

Go to the first game page, click on the gift icon in top of the page and get the rewards. You can also get awards from the "club house" tab and "Achievements" part, the player may include awards that must be obtained randomly from the "contract" tab and the "agent" part

The letters are given to you on the game that you can go to the first game page and click on the letter icon at the top

The End